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  • We are pioneers in design and development of robotic applications in day to day life.
  • Our projects involves a wide range of application spectrum from industrial robots to personal assisting robots and humanoids.
  • We are in par with the world leaders in automation.
  • We are experts in IoT and system integration.
  • We have projects in plant automation sector and condition monitoring for various machines & equipment.

A complete comprehensive 5 hour session on the parameters to be taken into designing a autonomous robot. The various components to be used and various techniques to be considered in development of a autonomous robot

Development parameters for a robot

  • Mechanical
  • Electronics
  • Software
  • Robot simulation Software

A 1 day hands-on workshop on basic image-processing operation, which includes morphological and various object (regular objects) detection techniques with Open CV.

Topics to be covered:

1. Image detection

2.Image processing operations

3.Video detection

4.Dual camera video

5.Object Detection

  • Our courses teach you how to build IoT products and services in a simple and user friendly method.
  • We cover the topics from scratch and there are no prerequisites for this course..
  • The participants of our training programmes are provided with all the physical tools required for building their projects on IoT.
  • The kit contains WiFi IoT Development Board, Sensors, Actuators and access to the Cloud Platform.
  • The courses are offered as self paced – online workshops which you can learn from the convenience of your home or classroom workshops at various Institutes, Tech fest’s and locations near you.
Android app development Services
  • At Cambionix Innovations, we put up with optimized code, interactive applications and result-driven development approach for Android.
  • We have vast experience in delivering services with seemingly limitless possibilities across various Android devices and all its versions.
  • Different Android app solutions that we provide are:
    • Business Applications
    • Chat Application
    • AR/VR Apps
    • Multimedia Applications
    • Gaming Apps
    • Weather Applications
    • Health & Fitness Applications
    • Utility Applications
    • NFC Applications


Website development service

At Cambionix Innovations ,our skilled team of web developers having the decades long expertise are capable of composing high-end web software, web applications and web portal development delivering exquisitely robust web solutions that are custom tailored to your specific industry needs.
Our dedicated web developers have successfully completed 1000+ web projects for industries with diverse business domains, including eCommerce, Job Board, e-Learning, Banking, and Content & Document Management software.
We create best-in-class compelling functionality and deliver the best of both worlds of startup to enterprise fragment.
We major the lasting impressions both visually and interactively that can transcend the physical and start to connect with people in a way that is transformational.